What are IoT Connected Bundles ?

The potential of the Internet of Things is undeniably compelling. By allowing your customers to gather and analyze data from the physical world, the IoT promises very real gains in efficiency, better customer experiences, increased safety and even new business models. However,  given the complexity of IoT, how do you enter this market without exposing your business to too much risk? 


Enter Dell Technologies. Exclusively for our channel partners, we’re investing in use-case specific IoT bundles that integrate our technology with our partner’s software, which are curated through the Dell EMC IoT Partner program ecosystem, to enable IoT solutions that deliver great results and work on day one. 


These solution bundles comprise of everything your customers need, including all the required hardware, software & expertise.  IoT Connected  Bundles are turnkey, lab validated and market proven to ensure a clear, repeatable and accelerated path to ROI with all solutions backed by compelling case studies. Now you can enter the IoT market knowing your solution will work as promised, deliver predictable results fast, and let you feel certain you’ve made a good decision for your business and your customer’s.